The Self

a compilation of fragmented thoughts that were scribbled in my red notebook and buried in lecture notes

i will marry myself to the sun
for she will disguise the truths
as our lives collide - eclipse

i will find safety in the shadows - 
she has made me -
a forgiving imprint on Earth - echoless

her boomerang lips
will save mine from the pressure - 
a world without is silent - peace

so hid me in your sweet embrace
from cruel, seeing eyes
for those who see me
rob me of my wings

freedom is the blessing
to drink the elements of life
and not the ignominy


i'm not revolutionary
i'm just revolving
coming back
the same but
older - not quite wise
grown - not quite complete

this i know
but i keep wanting for that
big moment
with every tick of the clock
for it to break
to even stop

just something. 
something different.