The humanities program at Davidson

In the humanities program at Davidson College, we have explored classic texts and modern aspects of culture to cultivate our definition of the Humanities and revolution.

Through my studies, I have been drawn to the process of framing in the human perspective to regard history and cultural events and insert ourselves into the frame.

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Notes from Professor Robb’s lecture on conceptual schemes.

The discipline of the Humanities

Humanities is the essential frame we use to identify ourselves as human. It is the history of being human from a philosophical and scientific perspective. It strips being human down to its skeleton to investigate beyond culture and nationality.

Humanities is the frame that we use to understand ourselves and others. It’s how we relate and define with is labels, books, stereotypes, and identities.

While the Humanities attempt to strip being human down to its skeleton to investigate nature beyond culture and nationality, it still draws divisions and groups identities. That is an inherit aspect of the human brain and, thus, and inherit part of studying humanity. Human identity and differences is what sustains the Humanities and defines the frame in which we understand each other. It is impossible to regard a human or a state of being without a preconceived frame.

The changing of those frames; the breaking and reforming of our frames for humanity is revolution.

See the second drop down tab under definitions for my definition of revolution in the Humanities.