Diving In


My name is Maddy Wolfenbarger! I am in the Class of 2022 at Davidson College as a music scholar and prospective psychology major. I was born and raised on a small farm in Knoxville, TN where I learned the true value of living small and living simply. While I lived in a very conservative area of the south, my family is composed of hippies and musicians (of all genres). It is no surprise that I spend the majority of my time at Davidson singing and thinking in terms of music.

How to approach this portfolio:

Welcome to my Humanities 103 portfolio! In this portfolio, I will reflect on my experience within the humanities program at Davidson, expand on my personal experience within the field, and evolve my definition of revolution to center my portfolio.

The main focus of this portfolio falls on framing. You will see many photographs that I have taken, including multiple that use an emptied mirror frame to frame my self-portraits and artifacts. All of my work this semester revolved around art and music. I believe this is the way humanity is most clearly reflected; it composes humanness and abstracts our experiences into a more palatable language. I was specifically drawn to how we experience music, poetry, language, voice, and physical space.

1 Read through my definitions of humanities and revolution to better get an understanding of the language of the humanities and the way I am approaching the concept of revolution.

2 Put on some music. If you find reading as painful as I do, you will need to listen to some calming yet engaging music.

3 Explore my portfolio at your own volition. I personally recommend you explore the tabs in the order the menu presents them (reading from left to right), but go where you feel pulled.

4 Enjoy and email me (mawolfenbarger@davidson.edu) with any questions you may have.